Oi Side at Neocon Chicago

The Oi Side metamorphosis lands in Neocon, Chicago

OI SIDE, together with ICEX and the rest of the Spanish brands meet in the Neocon fair in Chicago which is being celebrated from June 12-14. With a great turnout, the first day has been a day of meeting up with those we already knew and meeting others for the first time. Old and new friends coming to our ‘Interiors from Spain’ stand and discovering our new collections: Violet and the OI SIDE Metamorphosis. The OI SIDE Metamorphosis is our philosophy as to how we see, understand and feel theRead More

Furniture of the sea, the freedom to change while in harmony with nature

The new restaurant EL RUBIO 360º has chosen OI SIDE to work on the decor for its main terrace. A project where OI SIDE provided all the necessary comforts so the unbeatable views could be enjoyed to the full. A place of dreams, a place to be enjoyed, where you can lose yourself between the sky and the sea. OI SIDE designer furniture, where comfort, minimalism and quality come first.

Metamophoric furniture for spas

The ‘Island’ set for a private spa in Madrid. The quality of the material we use in our products allows for them to be used in the most extreme indoor and outdoor conditions. OI Side Furniture which joins nature and design with innovative resistant modules, simple geometric shapes which transform areas and rooms, making them uniquely personal.

Oi Side transforms ‘The Embassy’ (La Embajada)

The well-known TV series (The Embassy) broadcast by the channel Antena 3, whose main characters are the actresses Belén Rueda and Úrsula Corberó, chose OI SIDE for its settings and decor, recreating the garden of the Spanish embassy in Thailand for the series. Furniture with a functional design, versatile and stylish, which gives an air of luxury and exotic glamour.

Tecnocemento, adapting to eternity

Tecnocemento opens the doors to a new concept in finishings and gives our collections added value. A cement based finishing with a total thickness of 2-3 mm. This fine layer of super resistant material adheres perfectly to our products, providing an ultra fine finish with a texture of stucco water.

A well-known brand, Oi Side in the press

OI SIDe is often in the press and media, whether as part of general news or news specialising in design, interiors or architecture, where, by means of interviews and articles, we get to speak about our collections, projects, designs and designers. Oi Side in Twist in ON DISEÑO OI SIDE and EQUIS in FASHION & HOME OI SIDE in ARQUITECTURA Y DISEÑO OI SIDE in ÉXTERIEURS OI SIDE COTE SUD OI SIDE in MAISON& OBJECT OI SIDE in DISEÑO INTERIOR OI SIDE HOLA! DECORACIÓN

Oi Side international fairs

Oi Side has participated in the main international fairs and exhibitions, displaying its metamorphic philosophy, enamouring with its designs and collections. OI Side has been at the French fair in Paris, the Garden Unique fair in Cologne (Germany), the Spainlight exhibition in Tokyo (Japan), and the Cocoon exhibition in Brussels (Belgium).