Mark Gabbertas came to the world of furniture design in a circuitous way, having worked in advertising and then training as a cabinet maker, before establishing what is now regarded as one of the leading design studios in the UK. The intent is to create character through simplicity... it is all to easy to shock, but much more difficult to please... through the rigorous pursuit of design that has both elegance and a lasting aesthetic. These are not fashionable concepts, but that is the point. I was intrigued to explore the use of a rope material first and foremost. I was drawn to the idea of creating a particular relationship between a frame and woven elements, so that in effect I was creating a basket-like volumen that was almost suspended and gently enveloped by a very simple, but graphic frame. Therefore I paid a particular attention to the relationship between the rear legs and the seat area so that the woven interior had a 'separateness' to the rest of the frame. At the same time, it vas my intention to achieve a good ergonomics without the automatic need of extra cushioning, and this lead us to using a graduated double wall o weaving, which on the inside creates the correct angle and on the outside allows us to create a pleasantly contrasting angle. This in turn creates an interesting pattern within the volume of the seat area which changes depending on perspective. The Table system follows on from the chair and incorporates some of its defining characteristics. The tables is characterised by a simplicity of line and the gentle separation of the legs from the thin top surface, emphatised by the setting back f the create a floating appearance. It is our objective to create design that have character through their simplicity. Twist is a classic example of this approach.

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