The Oi Side metamorphosis lands in Neocon, Chicago

OI SIDE, together with ICEX and the rest of the Spanish brands meet in the Neocon fair in Chicago which is being celebrated from June 12-14.

With a great turnout, the first day has been a day of meeting up with those we already knew and meeting others for the first time. Old and new friends coming to our ‘Interiors from Spain’ stand and discovering our new collections: Violet and the OI SIDE Metamorphosis.
The OI SIDE Metamorphosis is our philosophy as to how we see, understand and feel the world.
We are demonstrating how the immobile is invisible to our eyes and what we do see is what can be adapted and changed.

Because in OI SIDE, by being metamorphic, we are free.

Oi Side at Neocon Chicago